NAB amendment to help corrupt elite dodge accountability: Imran

PTI Swat by-poll ANP

Lashing out at the imported government for amending the NAB law, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has said that the National Accountability (Amendment) Bill 2022 would help cabal of crooks get another ‘NRO’. Imran Khan on Monday said: “Today is Black Day in Pakistan’s history when imported government of crooks amended NAB law comes in to effect ending accountability.”

He said that with the amended NAB law, Pakistan is “heading towards destruction by removing white collar criminals from accountability.” Imran Khan reiterated his stance that Pakistan’s economic and political system of Pakistan was derailed through US-backed regime change conspiracy simply to give this cabal of crooks another NRO.

“At a time when our economy had stabilised and was moving towards sustainable growth of 6%, the conspirators chose to destabilise Pakistan by sending the economy into a tailspin and dropping a price bomb on our people – just to give these criminals NRO-2,” he claimed. “Our Prophet PBUH had said societies are destroyed when the poor are jailed while the rich are not held accountable,” he added. He stressed that the NAB amendment would help the elite dodge accountability.

Imran Khan warned that the latest amendment in the NAB legislation would nip a hefty sum of Rs1,100 billion off the bureau’s jurisdiction. “Rs1,100 billion of the Rs1,200 billion that was being investigated by NAB will now be out of NAB’s jurisdiction, giving this criminal mafia their NRO-2. History will neither forget nor forgive all those who were part of and enabled this conspiracy against Pakistan to succeed,” he added.