NA, Senate secretariat offices closed for three days amid rising virus cases


Staff Reporter

The National Assembly Secretariat and the Senate Secretariat has directed to close down their respective offices for the next three days amid rising Coronavirus cases.
“Official transport shall remain suspended from November 9,” a notification issued by the NA Secretariat said, adding that offices will remain closed till Nov 6 for disinfection. Further, all the heads of respective wings were told to have not more than a quarter of their staff come to the office from Monday [November 9] while the remaining staff will work from home.
“Any employee with Covid-19 symptoms should get themselves tested immediately and report to the Establishment Branch,” the notification said, adding that committee meetings scheduled between Nov 6 and Nov 9 had been cancelled.
The Senate Secretariat also issued a similar notification which stated that all offices will remain closed for three days until Nov 6 for disinfection.

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