N dissidents dub party leaders ‘RAW agents’

Staff Reporter

Four disgruntled PML-N MPAs on Tuesday blamed their party leadership Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz for ‘ditching’ the legislators on resignations issue as nothing happened on January 31.

They slammed the central leaders for levelling baseless allegations against the national institutions and demanded Nawaz Sharif to quit party leadership.

The PML-N dissidents including Jalilur Rehman Sharaqpuri, Ashraf Ansari and Nishat Daha and Faisal Khan Niazi addressed a press conference at Lahore Press Club and lambasted the party’s top leadership for its narrative to target the national institutions.

While talking to journalists, the estranged PML-N MPA Jalilur Rehman Sharaqpuri questioned Maryam Nawaz about the announcements for resigning from the assemblies. He said that the nation has not supported the narrative of PML-N and the central leadership is causing damage to the country’s image and its nationals. If they are willing to tender resignations, then they should do it to prove themselves, he said. Sharaqpuri criticised that they were talking about tendering resignations and participation in Senate elections at once.

He said that it seems that Maryam Nawaz and Maulana Fazlur Rehman are now tired of their anti-government campaign. Sharaqpuri asked Nawaz Sharif to face cases in the courts to prove his claims true before the nation.
Sharaqpuri said that Imran Khan and Usman Buzdar have the majority of votes and if they failed to control inflation, they would be held accountable in the next election. He asked PML-N leadership to give respect to the power of the vote. He added that the five lawmakers are ready to tender resignations and Maryam Nawaz and other lawmakers should materialise the promise to submit their resignations as well.

Another dissident, Ashraf Ansari said that he has tried the best to fulfil his responsibility as a public representative in the assembly. Ansari said that the lawmakers had held meetings with Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar and raised the issues of their respective constituencies which were resolved by him.

He said that the party leadership had issued show-cause notices to the lawmakers for meeting with the chief minister. Ansari said that PML-N leaders showed dual-standard as the party leadership is stopping them to hold meetings, on the other hand, it is holding talks with the government by calling it their constitutional right.

He said that they are public representatives and they will hold more meetings with Punjab CM. A specific lobby has seized the political party. Ashraf Ansari said that Nawaz Sharif is ineligible for leading the political party and he should leave the party leadership for good politicians.

He claimed that many MPAs and NA lawmakers are now supporting their stance.
Nishat Daha said that Muslim League is no more a symbol of the federation but just a faction ruled by Nawaz Sharif. He expressed hopes that inflation would end in the country during the tenure of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

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