My story of struggle | By Ghulam Haider Sheikh


My story of struggle

THERE are very few well-known and popular personalities of national and international level who are seen with utmost respect during the days of power and after the power.

There is also Dr.Ghulam Hussain who, always sticking to the principles, before entering politics, fought hard for collective rights with hard work, dedication, spirit of sacrifice and honesty in social and welfare works in 22 village (Baipind) of Jhelum.

During the dictatorship period, he became active in social activities by establishing the Kisan Council for the rights of the poor people and the welfare of the farmers of the area. His native area was Bai dees , which did not have any modern medical facilities.

The Kisan Council wanted Dr.Sahib to enter politics. The People’s Party also approached him for the National Assembly ticket from Jhelum, but he refused.

Earlier, the People’s Party had faced the inappropriate behavior of Raja Lehrasib, the landlord of the area.

Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto sent the late Chaudhry Fazal Elahi to Dr. Sahib but when he did not agree, Bhutto met Dr. Ghulam Hussain in Rawalpindi and asked him why he did not take the ticket for the party.

The doctor replied that I will vote for you and give full support, but I cannot leave the hospital, on which Bhutto got angry and said, “Okay, you run the hospital, I take care of the estates, don’t you? ” Realize that this is not the time for personal preferences.”

Dr.Ghulam Hussain has a very close and loving relationship with the workers of the People’s Party, after Ziaul Haq’s martial law, the workers and leaders of the People’s Party were imprisoned and flogged, the democratic and elected government of Dr.

Ghulam Hussain Zulfikar Ali Bhutto ended. After being imprisoned for a long time, one day he was brought from Attock Jail to Islamabad by saying that he will have a meeting with senior officers after which he will be released, but without any meeting from Islamabad to Lahore.

When he was brought to the airport, Dr. Ghulam Hussain realized that they were about to deport him, on which he protested that I am a citizen of this country, this is my country, why are you sending me out of the country.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ghulam Hussain The handcuffs were put on the doctor. The handcuffed hand was slapped on the face of an official.

The doctor was sent to Damascus while being forcibly deported. Dr.Ghulam Hussain remained in touch with the People’s Party workers even during the exile.

While living in Damascus, Dr.Ghulam Hussain thought that Damascus was not a good place to publicly respond to Zia-ul-Haq’s negative propaganda, so he made a request for Britain.

Made efforts which could not be successful, then sent a letter based on the facts to UNO, the effort proved successful and the doctor got political asylum in the welfare state of Sweden.

I contacted the long-time workers of PPP, held many meetings and organized the party, along with Zia-ul-Haq’s negative propaganda in the media and presented my point of view of the party and was active for the party in Germany, UK, Egypt and USA.

During Zia-ul-Haq’s visit to America, Dr. Ghulam Hussain demonstrated against Zia-ul-Haq in five cities of America and five cities of Canada and led processions.

Dr. Ghulam Hussain is the only politician of Pakistan who raised the slogan of “status must go” during the Zia regime.

After the end of the dictatorship in the country, Dr. Ghulam Hussain came to Pakistan, as soon as he landed at the airport, he prostrated and raised his head from the prostration in front of the police.

who was there to arrest him and was taken to Attock Jail, on his release from Attock Jail in October 1988, he held a procession with the workers in Nawababad Wah Cantt and again became active in national politics.

I got in touch with Dr. Sahib after a long time on the phone, he laughed happily as soon as he greeted me and said, “Sheikh Sahib, what time did you miss? We are from the original Bhutto party, aren’t we?

” Many ups and downs came, but he continued to work sincerely without any greed for the welfare of the country and the stability of the people.

Dr. Ghulam Hussain has written a four hundred and eight page book on his private and political life titled “Meri Dastan-e-Jaddo jehad “ which covers his political life, this book is an encyclopedia for political activists and people associated with politics.

Yes, this book can be helpful in understanding politics and political theory and peaceful struggle for the rights of the oppressed classes.

—The writer is contributing columnist.


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