Muttaqi says Daesh activities restrained


The acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, Amir Khan Muttaqi, said that the activities of Daesh have been prevented in Afghanistan and that the group has not been able to conduct any attack on any country within recent months.

He made the remarks to the Chinese media, according to the Foreign Ministry spokesman.

He once again pledged that the Afghan soil will not be threat to any other country.

“Daesh had no operations in the last four months. We could say that Afghanistan is a secure country right now and we are committed to the pledges we made to the world, the pledge that Afghanistan’s soil would not be used against any country,” he said.

Muttaqi called his recent visit to China constructive. In late March a delegation of the Islamic Emirate, led by acting Minister Muttaqi visited China, where they held several round of talks with top diplomats and envoys of foreign countries.

He also said that the Islamic Emirate calls for economic policy to facilitate investment in Afghanistan.

“The meeting was positive and fruitful. We hope such meetings will bring good outcomes and the Afghans can hear good news,” Muttaqi said.

“Afghanistan’s presence in big economic projects will not be possible unless big problems are solved in Afghanistan…” said Jawid Sangdil, Political Expert.

China reportedly has good ties with the current Afghan government. The diplomats of the Islamic Emirate have been accepted by the Chinese government.

However, Beijing has yet to formally recognize the Islamic Emirate. He made the remarks in a visit to the Afghan embassy in Ankara.

According to Muttaqi, the Islamic Emirate has paid the salaries of some of the Afghan diplomats and staff working at the embassies.

“Many embassies have made contact with us. We have paid the salaries of some of them. We have trusted some former diplomats and sent some new individuals to the embassies,” he said. “This process is continuing and, God willing, a lot of the problems will be solved.”

Turkey is the second country after Pakistan where Muttaqi paid a visit to the Afghan embassy. But the talks in Turkey were held alongside the former Afghan ambassador under the Afghan national flag of three colors.

Muttaqi said the diplomatic ties with some world countries have been developed.

He said the diplomatic efforts of the current Afghan government warrant the removal of some sanctions on Afghanistan—which were imposed by the US and allies after the Islamic Emirate took over the country.

“Until they fulfill the Doha agreement, as long as they don’t make a standard internal government, I don’t think the international community will recognize them. This is just a waste of time,” said Aziz Maarij, a former diplomat.

Muttaqi called on the opponents of the Islamic Emirate to resolve their differences. “Those who are disagreement and make propaganda, I am telling them that it is enough. Afghanistan has no more ability to be opposed by different views,” he said.

Meanwhile, the cabinet of the Islamic Emirate established a commission to facilitate the return of the political leaders to the country, the Administrative Office of the President, adding that the commission is chaired by Shohabuddin Delawar, the acting Minister of Gas and Petroleum.

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