Muttaqi: Afghanistan seeks good relations with world


Acting Foreign Minister Amir Kahn Muttaqi said that the new government is exercising power over the whole country, and the Islamic Emirate-led gov-ernment will not pose a threat to any country in the world. He said that the political isolation of Af-ghanistan is not in the interest of anyone.

Amir Khan Muttaqi, who was talking with Afghan citizens in the United States in a video conference, said the government has pledged to not allow for-eign countries to interfere in Afghanistan’s internal affairs, and that Afghanistan will open a new chap-ter of good governance and relations with neighbors and regional and world countries.

“We seek positive and constructive relations with our neighbors, region and the world. We want posi-tive interaction based on mutual respect with all nations,” Muttaqi told the participants of the confer-ence.

Referring to the fall of Kabul in mid-August, Mut-taqi said that Islamic Emirate forces sought to enter Kabul through dialogue but the security organiza-tion of the previous administration ran away and created a power vacuum in Kabul, so Kabul resi-dents requested Islamic Emirate forces to enter and maintain security. “We sought to enter Kabul city through dialogue and understanding, but as the head, and security organs of the previous administration chose to run away and a power vacuum gripped Kabul, public figures and residents of Kabul requested our forces to enter the city and establish security, he said. The acting foreign minister once again announced that the Islamic Emirate entered Kabul with a mes-sage of national unity and had no plans of killing or detaining anyone. Some of former opposition are still living a dignified life under the shade of the Islamic Emirate, he said.—Agencies

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