Muralitharan favours performance based contracts for players

Bipin Dani

World’s highest wicket taking bowler in international cricket Muthiah Muralitharan is happy to be in the Sri Lanka’s cricket committee.

Along with Muralitharan, the other members on the panel are Roshan Mahanama, Kumar Sangakkara and Aravinda de Silva as chairman.

“Yes, after ten years of my retirement from international cricket I have given my consent to be in the committee. I have joined this committee to help the game which we all love”, speaking exclusively over the telephone from Colombo, he said on Sunday morning.
The 48-year-old former off spinner, who has 1347 wickets (800, 534 and 13 in Tests, ODIs and T-20I respectively) however, warns, “if our recommendations are not implemented within three months will not wait to leave the committee”.

Incentive based contracts Muthalitharan favours incentive-based contracts for the players. “Definitely, the players are supposed to perform well when we pay them. If they don’t they have no right to be in the team”.

“Even at corporate levels, the employees are given incentives to show their performance and the same rules should apply here”, he concluded.

Sri Lanka’s renowned lawyer Chrismal Warnasuriya, who has represented several cricketers at their legal battle, also backs a performance-based contract.

Speaking exclusively, he said, “Drastic changes need to be done. The current sports minister is exploring the option of changing remuneration of the players being performance based. It may be a better option going forward as it appears that the current players have a lack of commitment or disinterest”.

He, however, also adds, “The concept of contract is based on agreement between both parties. One party can not enforce its will against the consent of the other. Here the players have a right to demand they want these conditions but it has to be talked and sought out. The problem now revolves around lack of and improper player management”.