Multi-coloured spring flowers attracting citizens


With the ongoing spring season, a number of multi-coloured flowers around the Capital city’s roads and its nurseries had become a key attraction for commuters where residents in large numbers are thronging nurseries to buy plants to enhance the beauty of lawns.

Spring season starts from February in Pakistan and is considered one of the most ideal weather for growing plans and flowers, said a worker in H-9 nursery while talking to news channel. Colorful flowers adorn nurseries and roads which was attracting to plant lovers towards themselves, said a resident. “With the start of this season demand for indoor and outdoor plants, flowers, bulbs has been tremendously increased and surprisingly youngsters and old age people are taking a keen interest not only in traditional gardening in homes”, said a resident.

Horticulture exhibitions and Jashn-e-Baharan festivals are also helping people and nature enthusiasts closer to the beauty of nature, said a worker in Jasmine Garden Islamabad.

A commuter in the park commented that my daughter is quite amused after seeing so many different kinds of flowers here in spring, especially alongside the roads of the capital city.

A student said that apart from beautification, flowers and roses in this season are a great source of recreation and entertainment for the residents.