‘Multan Bar resolution hurt non-Muslim lawyers’


Provincial Minister for HR&MA Ijaz Alam Augustine has appealed to the lawyers’ community to withdraw resolution regarding ban on contesting by non-Muslims in Multan Bar elections.
According to details the minister took notice of news published in some newspapers regarding a resolution forwarded in Multan Bar to impose ban on non-Muslim lawyers’ not to contest in elections. The minister said that non-Muslims were equal citizens of the Pakistan according to Constitution of Pakistan, while PTI’s top priorities were to promote peace, brotherhood, religious harmony and tolerance without any discrimination.
But this kind of resolution in Multan Bar has hurt all non-Muslims sentiments and the lawyers should remember that the Quaid-e-Azam worked hard for the Pakistan and no one can forget the historical role of non-Muslims with them. ‘When looking at services in the field of law, who don’t remember Chief Justice Alvin Robert Cornelius, was the fourth Chief Justice of Pakistan and after the establishment of Pakistan performed an important role in the formation and improvement of the judicial system while in recognition of your services in Lahore an underpass was named with him. Justice Rustam Sohrab G Sidhwa, became Lahore high Court and later the Supreme Court of Pakistan judge’. Doctor M Felbos is one of the competent, hardworking and brave women of Pakistan who played a significant role for women, was the first woman Ombudsman of Pakistan. Dewan Bahadur P Singh (politician), received a law degree from the University of Punjab and known with the term “Magna Carta”.
Rana Bhagwan Das the first Hindu CJ OF Supreme Court of Pakistan, also a judge of the Sindh High Court, served for the improvement of the judicial system of Pakistan and was the first law minister of Pakistan. Joshu Fazal Dean advocate holds a law degree from Punjab University, known as a competent and fearless politician. He was a member of the Legislative Assembly of Punjab and the West Pakistan Assembly.