MQM-London activist arrested, explosives recovered


Malir Police, in a joint snap checking with Rangers, arrested an accused and recovered 3 Awan bombs, a hand grenade, over 3 kg explosives, a detonator, prima cord, 2 meter wire, a heavy duty battery, a 30 bore pistol, mobile phones and cash from his possession.

During initial interrogation, the accused identified as Meraj Ali Sheikh, confessed that he joined MQM London in 1988 as a worker. He was also registered with the Pakistan Engineering Council in 2008 under the name of construction company MA Enterprises. He got contracts from the government for construction of schools / colleges and other government buildings. The accused confessed to depositing a large amount of the contracts in funds of MQM London.

The accused also revealed that a state-of-the-art weapon supplied by Syed Muhammad Ahmed alias Aleem Nora, leader of the MQM London Indian Network’s target killing team in 2014, was buried underground in a government college under construction.

Later upon the indication of arrested accused, the weapons buried under the building of Delhi College Karimabad were also recovered. He also used his position as a government contractor for the movements of wanted suspects of MQM London. The arrested accused is being further interrogated.Upon his indications, raids are being carried out in different areas of the city, further arrests are expected.


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