MPA calls Nawaz ‘traitor’ but refuses to quit his seat


Disgruntled PML-N MPA Nishat Daha called on Monday party supremo Nawaz Sharif a “traitor” but refused to quit the Punjab Assembly seat he won on the PML-N ticket.
The PML-N lawmaker appeared on a private TV channel’s show wherein he said he was unhappy with Nawaz’s criticism of the establishment in his speech on September 20. Daha said Pakistan comes first of all and they must think of the country.
“You tell me what Nawaz Sharif said about the armed forces of Pakistan was that right,” he asked the anchorperson. “One should ask Nawaz Sharif why he would call the army in case of emergency in his tenure!
“He is a hypocrite. I would rather call him a traitor,” the disgruntled MPA said. “His statements are tantamount to sedition.”
The anchorperson asked him why does he not leave the seat that he had won on PML-N’s ticket.
He replied: “Why should I leave it, any reason. Who will speak against them in the assembly if I leave the seat?” The anchorperson told him that he could always contest the election and get to the assembly on his own. “I am not that rich,” Daha replied. He said when a person takes the oath of the assembly, it’s written in that that they will remain loyal to Pakistan. “I am acting upon the oath I took,” the lawmaker insisted.