Motorway Police returns Rs0.45m, documents to passenger



Maintaining its tradition of honesty and service to the road users, the Motorway Police on Saturday handed over the huge amount of cash to its owner.
According to details, Hayat Mohammad, son of Sher Mohammad was travelling from Lahore to Peshawar in a private company bus. When the bus stopped at Hakla service area, near Fateh Jang Interchange, the passenger went to the mosque to offer prayers but when he came back, he could not find the bus which had already left.
The passenger became worried because his bag was inside the bus which contained foreign currency worth over Rs 450,000, important documents and other belongings. He contacted NHMP helpline 130 and told the whole story. Upon receiving this news, the Motorway Police became alert and near Peshawar, Sub-Inspector Ikram.—APP