Motivation of Afghan university students waning



Officials of the Ministry of Higher Education said that they have made all preparations for the Kankor entrance examination.

A survey conducted by the Salam Watandar media organization shows that 73 percent of university students are struggling to stay motivated to continue their studies.

The survey was conducted in Kabul, Nangarhar, Balkh, Kandahar and Herat provinces, according to Salam Watandar.

The survey included 275 male and family students from 18 universities.

“Of 275, 73 percent said that their motivation after the Islamic Emirate swept into power either diminished or was eliminated entirely,” said Gul Mohammad Gran, head of news gathering of Salam Watandar.

A part of the survey includes interviews with 38 instructors about their motivation for teaching. “56 percent of the instructors said their motivation was affected after the Islamic Emirate swept into power. It means it either dropped or they now have no motivation for education,” said Beheshta Mohammadi, who is working at Salam Watandar.

Meanwhile, officials of the Ministry of Higher Education said that efforts are underway to improve the situation for the students and teachers.

“One of the reasons for the reduced motivation of the students is the delay. When the holidays came and the lessons stopped, it obviously affected the motivation of the students for the lessons,” said Mohammad Ismail Ruhani.—Tolo News


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