Interior minister asks world to recognize Islamic Emirate



Haqqani said that the Islamic Emirate is ready to start economic and diplomatic relations with the world.

Sirajuddin Haqqani, acting Interior Minister, during his visit to Khost province asked the international community to recognize the Islamic Emirate. “Based on international principles and our Islamic and national traditions they should recognize the Islamic Emirate, but if they don’t recognize it, I assure our people that Afghans are not without resolve. They (Afghans) have fought for 20 years without foreign resources, and with their faith and zeal, they will fight against the economic situation with the strength of their arms,” he said.

Haqqani said that the Islamic Emirate is ready to start economic and diplomatic relations with the world.

“I want to say that it is in their best interest to create diplomatic relations with Afghanistan, they need us and we need them, if tomorrow they need us in any matter, then based on what principles they will talk to me,” Haqqani said. The acting Interior Minister added that the Islamic Emirate has proven in practice that Afghanistan’s territory has not been used against any country.

Meanwhile, Zalmay Khalilzad, the former US envoy for Afghanistan peace, in an interview with “Talks at GS” said that the Islamic Emirate has not fulfilled the Doha agreement commitments.

“It is not in our interest for it (Afghanistan) to be a failed state, that’s why although it will have … costs one would have to look among choices that you make, whether we should be looking at a grand bargain with the Taliban, that if they did this and that, we will do this, this is the unfinished part of the Doha agreement that I signed on behalf of the United States. There were things that they committed themselves too, and things that we committed ourselves too in return, parts of it were implemented and parts are not,” he said.

The international community, especially the US, has stated that the recognition of the Islamic Emirate is conditional on their respecting human rights, especially the rights of women, and the formation of an inclusive government in Afghanistan.—Tolo News


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