Moscow Format discusses current situation in Afghanistan



The participants of the Moscow Format discussed the current situation in Afghanistan with an emphasis on regional security, military-political stability, socio-economic and humanitarian issues, a joint statement of the meeting participants said.

The special representatives and senior officials from Russia, China, Pakistan, Iran, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan attended the meeting, which was held on November 16 in Moscow.

According to the statement, they reiterated their commitment to a peaceful, unified, sovereign, independent and economically developing Afghanistan, free from the threats of terrorism and drug trafficking.

“Afghanistan was requested to fulfil its commitments to eradicate terrorism and drug trafficking emanating from its territory, take more visible steps against all terrorist organizations, and to firmly fight, dismantle and eliminate them, so as to ensure that Afghanistan would never again serve as a breeding ground, safe haven or source of proliferation for terrorist,” the statement reads.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomed the statement of Moscow conference.

“The Islamic Emirate welcomes positive regional mechanism on Afghanistan and considers emphasis on a peaceful, united, sovereign, independent and economically developed Afghanistan in the meeting a praiseworthy stance,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement.

The statement further reads that the “participants strongly condemned the terror attacks targeting innocent Afghan civilians at public places, including educational institutes and the recent attack at the Russian Embassy in Kabul.”

It was stressed that the placement of military infrastructure facilities of third countries in Afghanistan and in adjacent states is unacceptable, the statement said.

In the meeting, the importance of forming a truly inclusive government in Afghanistan, reflecting the interests of all major ethno-political groups of the country, was also emphasized, according to the statement, saying that the participants called for practical engagement with Afghanistan in this regard.

“Participants noted that assistance to Afghanistan in restoring the national economy would create decent living conditions for the population and reduce the outflow of migrants abroad,” the statement reads.

“The participants commended Afghanistan’s neighboring countries for the hospitality in hosting millions of Afghan refugees and emphasized the importance of a safe, dignified, time-bound and well-resourced repatriation of refugees back to Afghanistan.”

They also stressed the need to provide humanitarian and economic assistance to the Afghan people in the post-conflict reconstruction of the country.—Tolonews

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