More videos of Minar-i-Pakistan incidents surfaces Other women also suffered abuse



Staff Reporter

Third such video evidence to have emerged on Friday, since Independence Day incident where a mob of men charged and mauled a TikToker woman in Greater Iqbal Park, suggests more women were sexually harassed as security was scarce to maintain order in the vicinity.

According to a private Tv channel, at least two more women were reportedly attacked on August 14, by the mob that tried to grope them, video evidence shows.

A mob-like group is seen physically abusing two women who try to shoe them away by gestures and sticks. Some men tried rescue the young women by feigning police arrival announcements, videos show.

Earlier today, some more videos have surfaced to expose the security flaws at Minar-i-Pakistan in which women other than the TikToker were subjected to harassment by a mob on the occasion of Independence Day in Greater Iqbal Park.

More videos of women being subjected to harassment after the incident of a crowd of men assaulting a female TikTok figure named Ayesha Akram.

The videos circulating on social media showed two women who were being harassed by a crowd of men in the Greater Iqbal Park. It showed that the men alongside the women kept trying to save them from the crowd.



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