More Palestinian blood spills


THERE is no end to the miseries of the Palestinian people. Whilst the world community has turned its back to the plight of Palestinians, Israel is going ahead with its persecution campaign in the occupied territories.

In the fresh violence, Israeli forces destroyed several houses and martyred four Palestinians in the West Bank.

Violence in the occupied territories has flared since January with Israeli forces reported to have killed sixty one Palestinians.

The Jewish State is resorting to excessive use of force and shoot to kill policy against Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Senior Israeli politicians – including Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett have encouraged the use of lethal force and given orders to shoot Palestinians who did not pose an imminent threat.

Many countries which seem to be quite vocal on the conflict in Ukraine are completely silent on the killing spree of Israeli forces.

It appears as if the Palestinians are not people but subhuman having no rights at all to live.

What is happening in the occupied territories contrary to international law and norms and warrant war crimes proceedings against the Israeli leaders.

But this will never happen given the financial and political clout of the Jews.

This lingering Middle East conflict will remain unresolved until and unless the Muslim countries take a firm stance on it.

Instead of promoting relations with the Jewish state, it is time to stand by the oppressed Palestinian people and heal their wounds.

Major capitals need to come forward and use their influence on Israel for resolution of this conflict which is imperative for the peace and security of the world at large.