Moot on ethics, morality in educational sector held



A monthly meeting of Hamdard Naunehal Assembly Karachi chapter, comprised of national songs, speeches and Dua-i-Said, was held yesterday at Bait-ul-Hikmah Auditorium in Madinat al-Hikmah titled: “Decline of Ethics and Morality in Educational Institutions, who is responsible?” Dr. Asadullah Larik, Dean Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities, Hamdard University was invited as a chief guest. Ms Sadia Rashid – President, Hamdard Foundation Pakistan, presided over the meeting.

In her presidential address, Ms. Sadia Rashid expounded on the fundamental nature of ethics as the bedrock upon which both spiritual and worldly accomplishments hinge. “As young people represent the future of our country, instilling within them the adequate ethical and moral principles is an imperative need of the present moment. However, for this to be realized, the concerted efforts of entire society, including parents and teachers, must be brought to bear. The cultivation of a single generation, indeed, requires many years of tireless labor, arduous endeavor, and unwavering perseverance. The formative education of young minds commences in the domestic sphere, whereafter they proceed to institutions of learning, wherein they acquire moral and ethical instructions from their teachers,” she said.

She also emphasized the significant role of teachers in the ethical and moral upbringing of students. Children use all of their cognitive abilities only when teachers and educational institutions create a suitable and calm environment for them.”

She added that adults must eschew the use of indecent and unwholesome language and practices when teaching the young to communicate in a civil and morally upright fashion.

Dr. Asadullah Larik articulated that children should be introduced to high moral values at a young age since the habits formed in childhood tend to become deeply ingrained in their character as they grow older. To instill virtues such as truthfulness, honesty, courage, kindness, respect for the elderly, good treatment of neighbors, respect for the rights of friends, and compassion for the deserving, it is essential to cultivate these moral traits early on.

Dr. Larik further argued that reading material, such as books and magazines, plays a critical role in shaping a child’s personality. Thus, it is the responsibility of parents to provide their children with access to good literature and create a personal library for them. Furthermore, children should be made aware of the purpose of their lives, as a clear understanding of this concept can help them define their place in the world.

“Given the significant role of parents in shaping their children’s personalities, they must take the lead in instilling passion, hard work, and curiosity in their offspring. By doing so, parents can help their children develop high ambitions for the future and attain them, paving the way for a fulfilling and rewarding life,” he concluded.

Young speakers from different schools also spoke on the occasion. Later students of Hamdard Public School and other schools presented national songs, tableau and Dua-i-Said. Ms. Sadia Rashid and honorable chief guest Dr. Larik distributed shields among the students.