Modi wants to declare India a Hindu country: NYT Report


After British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the New York Times has also exposed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s plan to make India a ‘Hindu extremist nation’.

The Narendra Modi government has been severely criticized in the international media for its religious extremism and anti-minority tendencies in India since the BJP came to power.

The International media has sounded alarm over the growing extremism in India.

In a column appeared in New York Times, the author severely criticized the Modi government, saying religious extremism and anti-minority tendencies in India have increased dramatically since BJP came to power.

There is no custom of punishment for crimes against Muslims. . Nehru’s secular India fell victim to Hindu extremism. – The column also claimed that the Modi government deliberately made anti-Muslim laws.

The column also refers to the change in citizenship laws and illegal annexation of the Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

According to Lydia Polgreen, Modi is a hot-headed member of the Hindu extremist organization RSS.

The Modi government systematically cracked down on freedom of expression. Critical voices were stifled by terror laws. Emergency powers were resorted to control the media.

Hindu extremists always want to abolish the secular constitutional status of India and give it the status of a Hindu country.

According to Polgreen, Modi will win the election for the third time and change the constitution to declare India as a Hindu country.

Successive articles show that there is a strong anxiety in the global media about Modi’s Hindu extremist policies, thus raising questions if the global media and the West worried about Modi’s victory in 2024?

Will Modi create another false flag operation drama against Pakistan in his desire to become the prime minister for the third time? – Won’t another Modi government promote Hindu extremism in India dangerously?