Modi govt darkening future of India’s youth: Rahul


The leader of the Congress party in India, Rahul Gandhi, has said that the policies of the Modi government have disappointed every section of the country and especially the unemployed youth.

Rahul Gandhi in a post on social media said that a large number of young people are joining the Bharat Jodo Yatra and the main reason for this is that the youth of the country are disappointed with the policies of the Modi government.

He said unemployment in the country is the highest in 45 years abd it has become difficult for small businessmen to work and the youth who are wandering in search of employment now see Bharat Jodo Yatra as the only ray of hope.

Rahul Gandhi said that 8 years ago, Modi had promised the youth that he would provide two crore jobs per year, but today the situation is that the country has the highest unemployment rate in 45 years, the youth have become frustrated and hopeless and people have lost their jobs, he added. He further said 42 percent of the country’s youth are unemployed.—INP

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