Islamabad asks Delhi to refrain from commenting on Pak-US ties


Pakistan has taken a strong exception to India’s external affairs minister S Jaishaknar’s recent statement in which he had urged Washington to ‘reflect on its ties with Islamabad and the price it has paid for a relationship that has served neither side well’.

Responding to media questions about unwarranted remarks by the Indian minister, the foreign office spokesperson on Tuesday said that Pakistan has longstanding and broad-based relationship with the United States, which has been vital in promoting peace, security and stability in the region.

“In recent months Pakistan-US relations have become robust and multidimensional, further deepening people-to-people and bilateral ties. Both countries are constructively engaged to maintain regional peace and security,” he said.

The FO spokesperson in his statement strongly urged India to respect basic norms of inter-state relations and refrain from commenting on the bilateral ties between the US and Pakistan. “India also needs serious introspection of its diplomatic conduct.”

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