Modi govt committing pre-poll rigging to install Hindu CM


In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, political parties and legal experts have said that Modi-led Indian government is engaged in pre-poll rigging with the help of so-called Delimitation Commission to empower non-state Hindu extremist Bharatiya Janata Party through manipulated elections for the Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly.

The parties and experts while commenting on the Modi-Amit evil agenda in occupied Jammu and Kashmir said that they were using Delimitation Commission to change demography and divide the Kashmiri Muslim voters.

Tens of thousands non-Kashmiris have been given state subject status and enrolled in voter lists to strengthen the RSS-backed Hindutva ideology in IIOJK, they added.

The Modi government has carried out the de-limitation plan after bifurcating the Jammu and Kashmir into so-called two union territories J&K and Ladakh in August 2019.

The entire exercise in the name of bifurcation and delimitation, the politicians and experts added, is a well-meditated conspiracy to give more seats to Hindu-dominated Jammu region in the so-called Jammu and Kashmir Assembly.

The politicians and experts expressed the appre-hension that the exercise could be used to fulfill the BJP’s ambition of installing a BJP Hindu or non Kashmiri chief minister in the Muslim majority Jammu and Kashmir where a Muslim has always been the head of an elected government.

It is a widespread belief that contours and out-come of the exercise are pre-planned and the exercise is a mere formality.

The political parties fear that disproportionate weightage to non-population factors like inaccessibility, tough terrain and facilities of communication during the delimitation exercise could be used to reduce Kashmir’s political supremacy.

The experts said the Kashmiri people need to remain vigilant to foil the nefarious designs of the Modi regime.—KMS

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