Modi advancing on RSS agenda in IOK: Sarwar


Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar has said that 159 days of curfew in occupied Kashmir is worst terrorism.
Indian Supreme Court slapped on Modi government by terming as unconstitutional the curfew and restrictions in occupied Kashmir. Narendra Modi is advancing on the RSS agenda that is enemy of peace and humanity. Kashmiris’ freedom movement cannot be weakened through gun and bullet. Kashmir issue will have to be settled down not tomorrow but today as per United Nations resolutions.
Talking to a delegation from Mirpur, AJK, led by Chaudhry Ansar Shahzad, Khurram Ali Shah and others, Governor Sarwar said that Indian Supreme Court’s declaration of curfew and restrictions in occupied valley as unconstitutional was actually the victory of Kashmiris’ stance and sheer defeat of India’s standpoint. Indian Supreme Court’s decision of restoring internet services and lifting of Section 144 in occupied Kashmir within seven days was commendable.
Though Indian army under the leadership of Narendra Modi was committing worst terrorism in sheer violation of human rights through curfew in occupied Kashmir, the people of held Kashmir were standing firm in their quest of freedom.
And 220 million Pakistanis were standing with their Kashmir brothers and sisters, and even every child of Pakistan was ready to give sacrifices for freedom of occupied Kashmir, he added.
The governor said that India’s controversial Citizenship Act was a bare attack on basic and human rights of Indian Muslims and today people are strongly protesting against it in all over India.
The treatment meted out to Indian Muslims by Indian government, police and RSS is also terrorism and we demand that United Nations Organization (UNO) and other international human rights organizations, instead of becoming silent spectator, must take strict notice of such terrorism by India, and Narendra Modi government must be stopped from committing terrorism against Indian Muslims and Kashmiris. Narendra Modi’s policies are enemy of peace and humanity, and their continuation is in no way in the interest of the region and the world.