Mixed signals on political front


OF late, there are some positive developments on the political front raising hopes that the national leadership has realized the urgency of focusing on the tattering economy and growing problems of the common man.

PML(N) nominee Muhammad Baligh Ur Rehman took oath as Governor Punjab on Monday after a change of mind by President Arif Alvi, who approved his appointment earlier in the day.

However, statements made by PTI Chairman Imran Khan the same day indicated he was still banking upon ‘institutions’ to pressurize the Government on the issue of early polls, which he could not due to lack of required support from the general public.

The largest province of the country was made hostage to political infighting and therefore, appointment of a Governor and oath-taking of the cabinet members augurs well for administrative functioning of the province.

It is not known what prompted the President to approve a nomination, which he rejected twice, but the decision is appreciable as it is in line with the spirit of the Constitution and otherwise too, Baligh would have been in the Governor House on June 01 on completion of the mandatory period within which the President is bound to act on the advice of the Prime Minister.

In another development, the Speaker National Assembly has issued notices to PTI members to appear before him from June 06 for personal verification of their resignations from the House, a process that is likely to end the prevailing confusion about the fate of these members.

With reports circulating that a majority of PTI members are in favour of remaining part of parliament, the process might ultimately see the return of the members to the house.

PTI is losing because of its questionable decision of tendering resignations as it could not become part of the important legislation as well as appointment of ECP members and the same is going to happen in the case of appointment of NAB Chairman.

On the other hand, the acknowledgement of IK that some participants of the march were armed (and therefore, he decided to call off the march to avoid bloodshed) raises many questions that need to be kept in mind by the decision-makers if and when they allow another power show in the capital.