No one would be allowed to sabotage KP peace: CM


Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan has reiterated his commitment not to compromise on law & order in the province and made it clear that peace and the writ of the government is in place not only in Swat but all over the province. He stated that everyone should stay satisfied to this effect; his physical presence amongst people in the far-flung hilly terrain of District Swat is evidence enough that peace and tranquility prevails in the area.

Addressing locals and media persons at Gabin Jabba during his visit to district swat on Friday, Chief Minister Mahmood khan said that peace has been hard earned involving long struggle and multiple sacrifices rendered by security personnel and citizens. He made it clear that we would not allow anyone to sabotage this peace or to politicize it under any circumstances.

The Chief Minister regretted that he was criticized without any reason, but it should be clear to all that Mahmood Khan will never compromise on the peace and security of his people. He categorically stated that maintaining peace and harmony across the province has been the top most priority of his government since the day one.

Touching upon the self-centered policies of the incumbent federal government, the chief minister said that multiple issues have surfaced ever since the imported govt came into power and they have been involved in immoral politics at the cost of national interests; these people don’t have any concern for the country and the nation; they have come into power through conspiracies with the only aim to protect their wealth obtained by loot and plunder in the past.

The Chief Minister said that the imported government has also withheld the due share of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in the budget, which is proof of the step motherly treatment and gruesome politics of the imported cabinet.

However, the chief minister said that despite their indifferent attitude, we will not compromise on peace and development process in the province.

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