Ministry: University entrance exams to be held in Autumn




Students are concerned over the delay in the university entrance kankor examination and they asked the acting government to hold the exams earlier.

Habibi Rahman is a student and shopkeeper and wants to be a doctor someday, but unknown dates for the Kankor exam make him hopeless.

“I study until midnight but still we don’t know when the kankor exam will held,” Said Habibi Rahman, a student.

Other students said that the delay in the kankor exam faces them with an unknown future.

“It will be better to hold our exams as soon as possible, right now we lost one educational year,” said Mohammad Irfan, a student.

Meanwhile, the spokesman for higher education said students of the last year of the university still are not graduated and there is no hope of attracting new students.

They also added that the kankor exam will be held in the first month of autumn for 200,000 students across the country.

“The students in the last semester of their last year have not graduated yet. Whenever they graduate, (there will space for more) … this year the exam process will be more transparent than in past years,” said Khalid Dad Taqa, spokesman for the Ministry of Higher Education.

“Undoubtedly, lack of university exams based on a usual schedule as in previous years has a destructive impact on the morale of youth who are preparing for the exams,” said Farid Forten, a lecturer.

The kankor exam is usually held in the second month of spring every year, and new students enter university in the first month of autumn, but this year after more than five months from the beginning of the educational year it is still unknown when the kankor exam will held.

According to the examination committee, the entrance exam process will be taken in one day in all the provinces except Kabul.

Earlier, some students had expressed concerns over the delay in this year’s entrance exam.

“We were studying with great hope and enthusiasm; when the Islamic Emirate announced that the entrance exam had been postponed, this lowered our morale,” said Rana Jalal, a student.—Tolonews

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