Hanafi accuses Int’l community of violating Afghan women’s dignity



The acting Minister of Vice and Virtue, Mohammad Khalid Hanafi, accused the international community of trying to violate Afghan women’s dignity under the guise of human rights.

Speaking to a gathering in the northern province of Faryab, Hanafi said human rights have been violated mostly by the international community in Afghanistan.

“The world wants to violate the dignity of our sisters and make them indecent and exposed. What type of right is this? The international community wants a guy and girl to be sitting in one chair–neither our nation, nor our beliefs and religion supports this, neither does our God and Mohammad (PBUH) allow it,” he said

“Our brothers, mothers and sisters were being martyred and schools were being bombed, the mosques would be bombarded, the seminaries would be bombarded, where were the human rights? Where were they, when our religious clerics and Mujahideens were being detained and then they would release the dogs on them, where were the human rights?” he said.

Referring to the physical appearance of some Islamic Emirate forces, Hanafi said that some parts of the decree of the Islamic Emirate’s supreme leader are not obeyed.

“To the Mujahideen, who are in the security department, corps and intelligence department or they are in the Department of Vice and Virtue or the Department of Education, and their hair is long; this is disobedience, and we are obliged to make the appearance of the Mujahideen based on Sharia,” he said.

Meanwhile, the religious clerics who participated in the gathering expressed their demands from the Islamic Emirate.

“These major achievements should be preserved. All Muslims including the officials have the responsibility to maintain these achievements,” said Mawlawi Ghulam Nabi Ghafori, an Islamic cleric.

“The hair (length) which the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate wear should be based on Sharia,” said Zainul Abideen, an Islamic cleric.

The acting Minister of Vice and Virtue called on the military officials to not hire underage people in the military ranks.

Meanwhile, acting Minister of Vice and Virtue, Khalid Hanafi, while visiting Ghazni decried sanctions and said the Islamic Emirate is ready for engagement with the international community, but its offers, if they are against Islam, are not acceptable.

“We just follow Allah, prophet Mohammad, the Caliph of Rashidun and Companions in implementation of our law. We don’t accept anything from anyone which is against Islam,” said Mawlawi Mohammad Khalid Hanafi, minister of Vice and Virtue.

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