Ministry says media law is essential, urges its approval be expedited



The head of publications in the Ministry of Information and Culture said he considers the mass media law to be a necessity and that this law should be approved as soon as possible.

The head of publications added that in a meeting of the Media Violations Commission there have been violations by eleven media outlets.

“We do not have a media law and the Ministry of Information and Culture adjusted the law and we sent the media law to the leader of the Islamic Emirate and in the meeting we urged that this law be given priority,” said Abdul Haq Hammad, head of publications at the Ministry of Information and Culture.

Meanwhile, the Afghanistan Federation of Journalists and Media considers it important to finalize the mass media law.

“If this law can solve the problems of reporters, journalists and media, we support it and we ask that they should support the media community,” said said Masroor Lutfi, head of the Afghanistan National Journalists Union (ANJU).

Some reporters also called for the approval of the media law as soon as possible.

“Media law is an emergency need in Afghanistan, as soon as the law is approved it will be important for the reporters,” said Abdulraqeb, a reporter.

According to the research of the Afghanistan National Journalists Union, in the past year dozens of media outlets have been closed and hundreds of reporters have become jobless.—Tolonews

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