Ministry of Vice and Virtue urges troops to obey orders


Speaking at a gathering, the deputy Minister of Vice and Virtue called on the forces of the Islamic Emirate to respect the orders of the Islamic Emirate and to not interfere in judicial activities nor harass the people.

“Everyone should be punished in line with their crimes and justice is determined by the court,” said Abdul Rahman Munir, deputy Minster of Vice and Virtue.

He instructed the forces of the Islamic Emirate to avoid going to parks and other entertainment areas.

“Going to the entertainment areas disturbs the people. Please avoid such things and avoid going there in the future,” Munir said.

Local officials said that they are following the orders of the supreme leader of the Islamic Emirate, Mawlawi Hibatullah Akhundzada.

“They should treat the people with good manners. There have been problems in some areas but they will be solved,” Parwan’s Governor Obaidullah Aminzada said.

This comes as several reports of harassment by Islamic Emirate forces have been published.

The Ministry of Vice and Virtue said it has formed local offices in order to investigate the problems of the people who complained about harassment from the forces of the Islamic Emirate.

The move comes after reports were published over harassment by individuals related to the Islamic Emirate.

The ministry called on the people to file complains if they face any mistreatment by the Islamic Emirate forces.

“The responsibility of this department is to register the complaints of the people if they are being mistreated by our military,” said Mohammad Sadeq Akis, a spokesman for the ministry.

Meanwhile, Kabul residents called on the ministry to transparently probe the complaints of the people.

“When a soldier is doing his duty, he should consider that he is being monitored,” said Najib Rahman, a resident of Kabul.

“(Those) who violated the general amnesty—which must be respected by the members of the Taliban– should be brought to justice,” said Mahmood Raghi, a political analyst.

However, analysts said that addressing discipline problems is the responsibility of the security institutions.

“Any kind of security and stability in the capital and in the provinces is the responsibility of the police and Ministry of Interior,” said Samar Sadat, a military veteran.

This comes as citizens have voiced concerns over mistreatment at the hands of individuals related to the Islamic Emirate.

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