Ministry of Health starts polio vaccination campaign



The Ministry of Public Health officials said that a polio vaccination campaign will last for four days with the cooperation of foreign aid organizations, and more than six million Afghan children under the age of five will receive vaccinations in 28 provinces.

According to the officials, this campaign will be launched in 248 districts in the southern, southeastern, eastern, northern, western and central provinces of Afghanistan.

“The Ministry of Public Health has launched six national polio vaccination campaigns in various provinces of the country. Currently we cover 74 percent of the population, and we are trying to vaccinate all the children of the country,” said Sharafat Zaman, spokesman of the Health ministry.

Meanwhile, Kabul residents praised this effort of the Ministry of Public Health and asked the officials to launch such campaigns in the remote areas of Afghanistan.

“Polio is a very dangerous disease. There should be more of this vaccine in our country,” a resident of Kabul told TOLOnews.

Another Kabul resident told TOLOnews: “The Ministry of Public Health should make a serious decision and produce more of this vaccination so that people understand the significance of this vaccine.”

“Polio is a contagious and a severe disease that results in permanent paralysis,” said a doctor.

According to Ministry of Public Health officials, a case of child polio has been recorded in Paktika province during the last six months.

The virus that caused the event was similar to one that was found in Quetta, the capital of Pakistan’s Baluchistan province.


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