Ministry: 7,000 vacancies for teachers, other staff



The Ministry of Education announced vacancies for thousands of teachers in the country.

Today at a press conference in Kabul, the Mini stry of Education announced more than 7,000 vacancies for teachers and administrative staff in the education departments of eight provinces. Nearly 3,000 vacancies were reserved for women, they said.

Meanwhile, Abdul Salam Hanafi, second deputy PM, said he is seeking to raise the level of education, and that the education sector is a priority of the Islamic Emirate. He said that there has been an increase in educational institutions.

“In order to provide better services in the health and education sector throughout Afghanistan and to raise the level of education, there has been a significant increase in the formation of the above-mentioned departments,” said Abdul Salam Hanafi, Second Deputy PM.

“7,000 vacancies of teachers and administrative staff were announced. This is an honor for me, our nation, the Ministry of Education, administrative reform, the National Examinations Office and also the whole nation,” said Abdulhaq Sadiq, deputy Minister of Quality Management of Human Resources of the Ministry of Education.

Although the conference did not mention the reopening of girls’ schools above sixth grade, government officials said they will pay more attention to modern science in addition to religious studies.

“Those countries which are at the top of the list are because they have advanced in science…,” said Noor al-Haq Anwari, deputy director of affairs.

According to reports, most female teachers have lost their jobs. Officials at the Ministry of Education said there is a shortage of teachers in 24 provinces.

“Those female teachers who teach male students above the sixth grade are the ones who are staying at home until the decree of the leadership, and their salaries will be paid in their homes,” said Awal Gul Ayoubi, general director of Human Resources and Administrative Development.

However, officials of the Islamic Emirate and the Ministry of Education have said that girls’ schools above sixth grade will be reopened, but they have not yet announced the exact date for the reopening of girls schools and the return of some of the female teachers to work.—Tolo News


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