Violence in recent years has closed 50 Kunduz Schools



At least 50 schools have closed in recent years amid severe conflict in the northern province of Kunduz.

The head of the provincial education department, Mawlawi Ismail Abu Ahmad, said that over 30,000 students have been deprived of schooling because their classrooms were in conflict areas in clashes between the former security forces and the Islamic Emirate members. “All schools have been damaged. There have been bombardments. They (schools) have been used as outposts for the public uprising and police forces. But the schools are active now and the students have been studying there,” Ahmad said.

Alchin Female Highschool is one of the schools where once forces of the Islamic Emirate and former government engaged in fierce fighting. The school is now under reconstruction.

“With the reconstruction of this school, approximately 2,000 students will get access to education,” said Abdul Hafiz Kakar, an official at the education department in Kunduz. Kunduz residents hope that the Islamic Emirate facilitates education opportunities for students now that the conflict has ended.

“Many schools were bombarded in Kunduz and therefore the students have been deprived of going to school,” said Azizullah, a resident.

“I request that the government reconstruct our schools. Give us textbooks and provide us teachers,” said Khudaidad. The numbers provided by the Kunduz education department indicate that the war has squandered education opportunities for around 30,000 students. —Tolo News


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