Minister says macroeconomic stability top priority of govt


Federal Minister for Finance and Revenue Mr. Miftah Ismail held a meeting with delegation of businessmen at Finance Division on Monday.

Mr. Zubair Motiwala, Mr. Fawad Anwar, Mr. Mohammad Ali Tabba, Mr. Shahid Shoort and Mr. Zaki Bashir, Secretary Commerce, Chairman FBR and senior officer attended the meeting.

Finance Minister welcomed the businessmen and stressed that macroeconomic stability is the top priority of the present government and the government is focusing to ensure financial discipline through effective and welfare policies to achieve the economic growth level. He further said that the present government is aware of the issues of the business community and impediments in the expansion of economic activities in the country. He assured the businessmen that present government is committed to provide friendly environment to businessmen for the expansion of economic activity in the country.

The members of the business community presented various proposals for consideration in the Federal Budget 2022-23 and suggested measures for bringing in greater efficiency in various sectors. They also apprised about some issues related to taxation faced by business community in the country.

The Finance Minister acknowledged the contribution of business community in the growth of economic activity in the country and commended the budgetary suggestions for various sectors of the economy.

Finance Minister further said that the present government focuses on achieving inclusive and sustainable economic growth by presenting a pro-people and business friendly budget; therefore, the suggestions of all stakeholders will be given due regard. Finance Minister stressed the business community for enhancement of exports to achieve economic growth and stability in the foreign reserves.