Minister rejects Khan’s allegations of harassing PTI candidates


Sindh Minister for Universities and Boards Ismail Rahoo while rejecting PTI chief Imran Khan’s allegations of harassing candidates in LG polls in Sindh has said that the people of Sindh have rejected PTI candidates in LG elections.

He further said in his statement issued on Sunday that PTI had cut off water supply to Sindh farmers for four years, tried to occupy the islands of Sindh, the people of Sindh have always been in the worst and most difficult situation during PTI tenure.

Ismail Rahoo said that these non-political forces in the guise of state and democracy will be defeated this time as well. The provincial minister further said that the people of Sindh will stamp on the arrow of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto’s party. In Sindh, PTI and other parties are
facing defeat. Imran Khan’s party did not find so many candidates in the local body elections as many PPPs have been elected unopposed.

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