Minister: Protection of Journalists, Media Professionals to be safeguarded

Minister for Information and Broadcasting

Farrukh Habib, Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting, said on Monday that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s PTI government is rapidly achieving progress in every sector, including the economy.

The minister told a press conference at the National Press Club alongside president Shakeel Anjum and secretary-general Anwar Raza that the Imran Khan government will finish its five-year constitutional term and that the opposition will have to acknowledge reality.

He said that the Protection of Journalists and Media Professionals Bill, 2021, had been introduced in the House to safeguard journalists’ lives and welfare.

Imran Khan’s goal is the education of the common man, as shown by the current Pakistan system for the low-income community, the Cash Emergency Initiative for those residing below the poverty line, scholarships for students, and other services for the general public.

According to Habib, journalists congregate at press clubs all the time, and we came to the government by filming protests outside of these clubs. Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision, according to the minister, is clear: media is the fourth pillar of the state. The bill’s passage and enforcement were critical for ensuring the freedom of the press and journalists, as well as a free atmosphere for them. Legislation has been passed in the past, but stakeholders were not informed of it. For this bill, he stated that the prime minister’s orders should be implemented.

He praised Information Minister Fawad Hussain and Dr. Shireen Mazari for their efforts. The bill was introduced in the Assembly and is now being considered by the Standing Committee. He mentioned that both parties were interested in the bill’s drafting. Even now, if you have any more constructive ideas for this bill, please send them to us and we can incorporate them. Under this law, an autonomous commission would be created, with representatives from the Federal Union of Journalists and the National Press Club. Journalists must be trained, and insurance is needed. This is a broad bill that addresses all facets of media.

He said that any government employee wishes to own a house and that the government has provided facilities to help them realize their dreams. Prime Minister Imran Khan began working on this agenda as soon as he took office.

According to him, 68 percent of Punjab’s population is from the working class. One percent are renters, while 52 percent are better-off homeowners who have been granted simple loans with low-interest rates to repay in 10 to 20 years. Journalists, he stated, will have been battling fifth-generation warfare to put the oppressed’s voice and the government’s on the right track, to talk in one voice on national security matters, and to defend the country’s ideological consciousness. The Naya Pakistan Housing System would involve the journalist group around the country who did not get a home under the government scheme.

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