Minister appeals Sindh, Balochistan govts to help KP mines workers


PESHAWAR Provincial Minister for Labour and Culture, Shaukat Yousafzai Friday appealed Sindh and Balochistan governments to provide ration and medicines to all the stranded mine workers of KP in their respective provinces and ensured their dignified repatriation to homes. He said thousands of mine workers of KP mostly belonged to Shangla district were stranded in Balochistan, Haiderabad, Lakra Jamshuro and Dara Adamkhel mines and are looking for government help. The provincial minister wrote letters to Sindh and Balochistan governments and made a telephonic contacts with their concerned ministers Syed Ghani of Sindh and Muhammad Khan Lari of Balochistan besides Ahmedzai from KP and appraised them about the problems of stranded mine workers. The minister told them that mines were closed in the wake of coronavirus and thousands of workers were made jobless. The ministers of these provinces assured Shaukat Yousafzai for taking every possible assistance to stranded mine workers. Shaukat said if urgent steps were not taken to address this problem then it may convert into humanitarian crisis. He said around 10,000 coal miners were trapped at Lakra Jamsuro mine. Yousafzai said around 70pc coal miners were belonged to Shangla district and requested chief ministers Sindh and Balochistan for immediate help to all stranded mine workers in their respective provinces. He thanked all the ministers for their assurance and cooperation.