Milk price increases to Rs210/litre


The prices of milks and yogurt have been increased by Rs20 per liter and Rs30 per kilogram, respectively, but without obtaining approval from the district administration.According to details, the raised prices of Rs200 per liter milk and Rs280 per kg yogurt came into effect from February 23 after Cattle Farmers Association hiked the milk selling rate from Rs170 to Rs185 per liter.

The Milk Sellers Welfare Association’s Kaleem Anwar Memon informed that the retailers were forced to enhance the price because of the new rate sought by the cattle farmers.Both the associations wrote separate letters to Deputy Commissioner Hyderabad Fuad Ghaffar Soomro reportedly in the first week of February, seeking the administration’s sanction of the new prices.However, the administration reportedly did not allow the raise.

The Cattle Farmers Association’s President Shaukat Jatoi said the cost of cattle farming had gone up consequent to the overall inflation in the country’s economy.He contended that if the price were not increased the cattle farming business would be running into losses.The milk price has been increased by Rs60 since June, 2022.