Migratory bird hunting on rise

Our Correspondent

Hunting of migratory birds is on the rise in the district Thatta’s lakes, fish farms and sea creeks but the games department officials have badly failed to take adequate action against the unbridled hunters who have started hunting birds by nets, shot guns and other tactics.

The hunter have badly violated protected sites for wildlife and started killing a large scale of migratory birds, those birds usually come to Thatta’s wetlands every year in winter season and spread at including, Keanjhar lake, Haleji, Hadaro, Chhchh Meerankhor, Arbian sea and other private fish farms.

Mansoor Jalalani, Ismail Memon, Shabir Bhatti, Irshad Gandro, Adam Gandro told this correspondent that hunters have violated Ramser sites which give logical protection to wildlife, bodering to historical keanjhar lake, Hadaro, Haleji and from other so many protected zones.

They said freely hunting of local and migratory birds including bustards, ducks etc, who are every year coming from Russia, cibria, Ukraine and other cold countries of central Assia but unfortunately those birds are badly being killed and sold openly on roads sides near Keanjher lake and other spots.—INP

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