Messenger of blessings for humanity | BY Parvez Jamil (Late), Canada


Messenger of blessings for humanity

NEVER ever in the annals of human history, yesterday, today and tomorrow, there has been anyone as spiritually soothing and as divinely consoling as our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Never ever here and in the hereafter there has been anyone as protecting and as salvaging from ills and evils as our dearest Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Never in the wildest dreams and the fondest realities there has been anyone as mind-boggling and as heart-warming as our sweetest Prophet PBUH.

Sweetest indeed. “ Kitna Meetha hai mayray Muhammad Ka naam. Kitna Pyara hai mayray Muhammad Ka naam “.

Messenger of Mercy is Prophet Muhammad PBUH for all humankind and all living beings at large in slums and streets, towns and cities, regions and provinces, beyond boundaries and countries and across all such continents as Asia, Africa, Australia, Antartica, North and South America.

Echoes of mercy continue to dawn and herald overwhelmingly slowly and surely over the universal horizon in all time zones round-the-clock for all humanity irrespective of cast, colour, creed and country, from opulent to the oppressed and all creatures from the minutest ants to the gigantic elephants and from streams and rivers to oceans and mountains.

Blessings, beauties and bounties abound amid the kindest, prettiest and loveliest shadow of Prophet PBUH. It is all divine bliss from the depths of oceans to the infinities of the skies.

“ Ashraf ul Makhlooqat “ including children, weak, sick, needy, men, women, poor, rich, young and old are all blessed with the spiritual and divine bliss of Prophet PBUH.

Living beings even like trees, plants, birds, insects and animals are being provided with all-time and all-enduring sustenance and maintenance as sources of long and strong lasting solace and security.

As lips, nerves, eyes, ears minds, hearts, bodies and souls participate in reciting “ Naat e Rasool PBUH”, there is air and aura of freshness and ecstasy in life at large and a spell and spirit of rejuvenation and enlightenment prevailing magnanimously over the universal horizon with birds chirping, animals rejoicing earth and sky echoing and humanity singing their hearts out in love, cheers and praise for our nicest, dearest, sweetest and loveliest Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

It is where seeing is believing and participating is confirming ably, humbly, nobly and gently indeed.

Imagine, think, see, feel, act and so believe that from pebbles to computers the world continues to pay respects and tributes to Prophet PBUH.

From the tiniest particle to the mightiest mountain our Prophet PBUH is being attributed by the universe indeed.

From the tunnels of darkness to horizons of brightness each and every speck of nature say “Ya Nabi Salaam Alaika”.

So sweet is the feel and thought of our Prophet Muhammad pbuh that humankind and living beings sing in chorus “ Meetha Meetha hai mayray pyare Muhammad PBUH Ka Naam. “

The best way to pay due respect to the Messenger of Mercy our Prophet Muhammad pbuh is reciting “durood o salaam” for him as follows here: “”” Asalaamo Alaika Ayyu-Han-Nabi-U-Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu.

Asalaamo Alaina Wa Aala Ibadillah-Hisaliheen. Salaam Alaika Salaam Alaika. Praised by those who saw you. Loved by those who saw you. Every age adores you Ya Habibi.

Salaam Alaika Salaam Alaika. Prophets supplicated You. Long awaited Angels celebrated Ya Habibi. Salaam Alaika Salaam Alaika. Your traces I search. Your nearness I yearn. Your vision I wish. Ya Habibi Salaam Alaika Salaam Alaika.

Asalaamo Alaika Ayyu-Han-Nabi-U-Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu.

Asalaamo Alaina Wa Aala Ibadillah-Hisaliheen “”” Respect to Muhammad Messenger of blessings PBUH.

—The writer, an educationist, sent the article on 4 October just two days before his death.


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