Men shave off woman’s head


In an unfortunate incident, some unidentified men on Monday tortured an aged woman and also shaved off her head in Chakwal district over a matrimonial dispute.

According to details, the son of the tortured woman wanted to contract free-will marriage with a girl.

This got the family of the girl furious, who stormed to the boy’s house and subjected his mother to vicious torture.

The hairs of the woman were trimmed by the attackers. The woman lodged her complaint with the police, but they have not taken any action, so far, the woman added.

In a separate incident that was reported, last year in Rawalpindi, a mother was subjected to torture by her son.

The woman had narrated the unfortunate incident and had claimed that her daughter-in-law had intoxicated her son.

In a video message, Gulnaz Bibi had said that it was for the fifth time when she was attacked by her son, identified as Arsalan, and every time the situation worsened when her daughter-in-law visited.—TLTP

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