Meeting on difficulties being faced by CAA’s retired employees held



A meeting of All Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority’s Retired Employees Association was held on 29th April in a local hotel. In the meeting detailed discussions were carried out regarding difficulties being faced by CAA’s Retired employees.

The participants of the meeting strongly criticized the CAA’s Management for not increasing the Pension of its retired employees. They demanded the CAA’s management to increase their pension at the same rate as the Govt of Pakistan had increased the pension of it’s retired employees in April 2022 and also in the 2022-23 federal budget. They also demanded to increase the pension of all those employees who retired before and after 2014 according to CAA Service Regulations. They Requested the Federal Minister for Aviation Mr. Saad Refique to take notice of the unrest in the CAA’s pensioners and considering the price hike, the pension of CAA’s Retired employees shall be increased at the earlier.

The participants of the meeting had also shown great concern over the stoppage of House Grant and Leave Enchantments which were approved by the CAA Board in 2019 for all retired employees of Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority.