Medical workers in Parwan report rise in Covid-19 cases



Officials at a hospital in Parwan treating COVID-19 say that the number of patients infected by the virus have increased by 70 percent, and the hospital is facing a lack of beds and other supplies.

Abdul Hameed Zhekafer, a hospital official, said that in the past one month they recorded more than one thousand positive cases at the hospital.

“We sampled 2,200 people with symptoms at the provincial level and recorded more than one thousand positive events, it shows an upward trend, and this is a concern at the provincial level in Parwan,” said Abdul Hameed Zhekafer, official at the COVID-19 hospital in Parwan.

Meanwhile, some doctors are concerned about the resurgence of the virus and say that Afghans must take the vaccine to prevent them from contracting the virus.

Patients who come to this hospital from the districts and capital of the province say that after treatment their situation is good.

“I cough, I have a sore throat and I have so much pain after three days that I am came here,” said Parwan, a patient.

“My head hurts a lot, and I am very impatient and have a headache,” said Seema, a patient.

According to officials, since the outbreak of the first round of the virus in the province there have been 4,579 people infected and among them 92 people lost their lives.

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