Medical, mental check-up of cops in Sindh demanded



Strongly condemning a sad incident in which a drunkard police officers drove his car into a tent of flood affectees people in Shahdadkot, killing a child and injuring his mother and three other kids, Pasban Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman Altaf Shakoor has demanded medical and psychological check-up of all cops of the Sindh police without further loss of time.
He said rains and floods are a curse for the people of Sindh, but uncivilised police of the province is a bigger curse. He said what is the crime of the people of Sindh that they face atrocities of corrupt and drunkard policemen. He said corruption, lack of training and rude behavior with citizens is the hallmarks of Sindh police. He said corruption and bribery runs in all ranks and files of Sindh police from top to bottom. He said police stations are ‘auctioned’ and the most corrupt police officer would bid to buy the most ‘lucrative’ police station. He said taxpayers give their hard-earned money to pay salaries of this corrupt police whose only achievement is to disturb the law and order and to torment peaceful citizens.
Altaf Shakoor demanded that all policemen should undergo a medical and mental test and pass examination of Sindh Public Service Commission to prove that they are really fit, physically and mentally to serve as police officers. He said in the education Western countries the most polite and professionally trained officers are allowed to do policing duty, while here in Sindh drunkards rashly driving cars and killing people are made police officers.

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