Measures needed for preventing death of women during pregnancy, childbirth


Parliamentary Secretary for Law and Parliamentary Affairs Dr. Rubaba Khan Buledi has said that around 277,000 women worldwide, including Pakistan, died each year due to complications during pregnancy and childbirth in Balochistan as compared to other provinces.

This is the highest rate, which requires multifaceted and effective measures to prevent it, she said in a tweet on the occasion of World Midwifery Day. She said about 2.9 million newborns are died within the first month after birth due to diseases or complications that could be prevented.

Dr. Rubaba Khan Buledi said the purpose of celebration of International Midwife Day was to raise awareness about the role of midwives in the essential care provided to mothers and their newborns saying that physicians as well as midwives are important in strengthening emotionally In third world countries where basic health care services are not fully available and medical personnel are scarce, women are at greater risk during childbirth. In such cases, the midwife makes up for the lack of a doctor who acts as a liaison between any family and medical centers.

Midwifery plays an important role in raising awareness about women’s health and diseases, she mentioned. Dr. Rubaba Khan Baledi said that coordinated and multi-faceted measures are essential for providing better maternity and public health services to women in Balochistan and in this regard IDSP and NGOs like it need to be encouraged so that maternal mortality rate could be reduced by making effective participatory measures.