Thatta people block national highway to protest water shortage


Local people blocked the National Highway on Thursday and staged protest sit-in against the water shortage in Thatta. Protesters chanted slogans against scarcity of water in the district. ” The canals are dry and water is unavailable for drinking as well as for irrigation of crops,” protesters complained.

Riaz Shah Sheerazi, a special assistant to Sindh chief minister, held talks with the protesters, who ended their protest and allowed vehicular traffic at the highway after assurance from the government official. Chief Minister of Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah earlier directed the irrigation minister to hold talks with protesters to resolve the problem. He also urged the minister to take steps to address scarcity of agriculture water in Thatta.

“Sindh as a whole facing water shortage,” chief minister said and demanded just distribution of the water available in the system.

Moreover, Sindh’s information minister Sharjeel Memon has appealed the federal government to provide Sindh’s share of irrigation water. He called the federal authorities to take notice of the shortage of water in Sindh. “The province is facing scarcity of irrigation as well as drinking water,” he said.

“Sindh has key role in agriculture economy of the country. An economy which is already facing formidable challenges would have to address more problems,” Memon said. The water shortage has affected agriculture crops and fruit orchards. The farmers are anxious how to meet production costs of crops, he said. Sharjeel Memon urged the government to ensure enforcement of the river water apportionment accord 1991.


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