MD KW&SB issues strict orders to higher officials  to demolish illegal connections


All illegal hydrants across the city should be demolished & illegal connections should be disconnected & a report should be submitted to the MD Secretariat.

Strict orders from MD KW&SBAccording to the details, the Managing Director Karachi Water & Sewerage Board Muhammad Rafiq Qureshi has issued a letter to the senior officials of the KW&SB & said that all illegal hydrants should be demolished & all illegal connections should be immediately disconnected & report should be submitted to the MD Secretariat within seven days.

While strict action should also be taken against underground water thieves, There should be no illegal hydrants or connections on the line of Bulk Transmission or WTM Line, MD KW&SB directed all Superintendent Engineers & Executive Engineers to conduct a thorough inspection of their area.

If any illegal hydrants or connections are found during the inspection, immediately action should be taken, After taking action against illegal hydrants & connections, the concerned Superintendent Engineers & Executive Engineers should submit the clearance certificate of their area to the MD Secretariat within seven days, Whereas after submission of clearance certificate, if illegal hydrant or connection is found in any area, action will be taken against the concerned officer & if there is any obstruction during the proceedings, a report should be submitted against them with evidence.

Meanwhile, if the relevant institutions do not cooperate during the operation against water thieves, then the higher authorities should be informed immediately, MD KW&SB has issued clear instructions to identify the accused & beneficiaries involved in illegal hydrants, connections & water theft, According to the letter, a total of eight hydrants including Baldia & NLC hydrants are legal & official, While 34 underground water licenses have been issued by the KW&SB, Except for 8 hydrants & 34 underground water licences, all the rest are illegal.

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