Mayhem in Senate as opposition protests hike in petrol price


Chairman Senate warns opp of suspending membership

Ijaz Kakakhel

The opposition lawmakers on Friday disrupted the proceedings of the Senate and protested near the dais of the Chairman who repeatedly warned to suspend the membership of those involved in halting the proceedings of the House.

The opposition senators, particularly PTI made hue and cry over recent increase in POL prices and shouted loudly “Imported government unacceptable”, “Increase in oil prices unacceptable”.

During the protest of the opposition lawmakers, Chairman Senate Sadiq Sanjrani asked them not to cross the limit otherwise he would have to take action and suspend the membership of those involved in ruckus in the House.

He also addressed a PTI lawmaker Faisal Javed to ensure decorum of the House otherwise he would take action. The Chairman Senate said that he would follow the suspension issue even in the ECP if the protesting lawmakers did not mend their ways.

Leader of the House Azam Nazeer Tarar said that it was agreed before the proceedings to listen the suggestions from the opposition as per parliamentary traditions but the opposition differently reacted in the House. He said that lawmakers on the government benches were sitting silent and protest was being made by those who did not have strength to complete quorum and run the proceedings of the House.

During the protest, the Jamat-e-Islami senator Mushtaq Ahmed has demanded the government abolish petroleum privileges for government officers and parliamentarians and ban the usage of government vehicles by officers at least for six months if really the country required. He took the government to the cleaners for increasing petroleum prices by Rs60 in just one week. If there is nothing in the national treasury then how is the government running advertisements worth millions?, the JI senator questioned. “Why did they form the government if they did not have the ability to run it?” he questioned.


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