Massive funding cut drastically affect higher education in Pakistan, AJK


The drastic cut in recurring grants for the higher education budget for the fiscal year 2022-23 has posed a serious threat to the survival of 141 public-sector universities in the four provinces of the country, including five in AJK.

The Finance Ministry of the federal government has proposed only 30 billion rupees for higher education’s recurring grant against the rationalized demand of Rs. 104.983 billion. The allocation is 45 percent less even than the current year’s allocation which was Rs. 66.25 billion.

After this shocking decision of the Federal Ministry of Finance, Over 120 heads of public sector universities, who attended a virtual meeting from across the country urged the Prime Minister, Finance Minister, and the Minister for Education to urgently look into the matter and enhance the budget as per rationalized demand, to avoid the subversion of long-term socio-economic goals of the country, and save the higher education sector from total chaos and collapse.

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