Masood stresses world lords to save Kashmiris from holocaust


Our Correspondent


Azad Jammu Kashmir Presidient Sardar Masood Khan said on Thursday that in order to divert attention from the human rights violations taking place in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IOJK), India is threatening to ‘retake’ Azad Kashmir, use nuclear weapons against Pakistan and, now, India was playing the card of Hindutva the fascist doctrine of violent religious extremism alienating a bulk of the Muslim population living in India.
‘India is creating this air of artificial turbulence to divert world attention from Kashmir and go ahead with their pernicious agenda of consolidating their illegitimate rule over Jammu and Kashmir’, the AJK President made these remarks while addressing the inaugural session of the International Kashmir Seminar jointly organised by the Institute of Policy Studies and Policy Research Forum at the Presidency, in the State’s metropolis.
The ceremony was also addressed by Khalid Rehman, Executive President of the Institute of Policy Studies, Mansoor Qadir Dar, Secretary Kashmir Liberation Cell and Acting Chairman Policy Research Forum; Professor Dr Roger Van Zwanenberg and prominent journalist Syed Iftikhar Gillani. In his message to the participants and the international community, the President appealed to save Kashmiris from holocaust, and stop appeasing India the same way Hitler and Mussolini were appeased in last century. Such appeasement, he said, led to the devastating Second World War which resulted in the death of millions and we cannot let that happen again.The AJK President said that the human rights crisis in IOJK had assumed sinister and unprecedented proportions. After August 5, he said, the territory of Jammu and Kashmir was invaded, reoccupied and bifurcated and now colonization was progress as the Muslims majority was being converted into a minority.