Maryam visited Khokhar Palace to return favour: SACM Says PML-N screams shows that Buzdar’s arrows are hitting target



Amraiz Khan

Special Assistant to Chief Minister on Information Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan on Wednesday said that Nawaz Sharif and his political associates looted the national exchequer and built huge palaces. “Maryam Nawaz went to Khokhar Palace not to show solidarity with Khokhar brothers rather to prove so-called sincerity with the person who submitted surety bonds for her release on bail.

SACM Dr Firdous Ashiq was talking to the media persons here after attending a ceremony organized to distribute cheques among the deserving girls for their marriage here on Wednesday.

Talking to media, Dr Firdous said that screaming of PML-N shows that Usman Buzdar’s arrows are hitting the target. She said that Maryam Nawaz went to Khokhar Palace to convey message to the ringleader of land mafia that Nawaz Sharif would protect the state lands gifted to Khokhar brothers by him.

The SACM said that Maryam is worried and confused that under the leadership of CM Usman Buzdar, the police have begun to ensure the supremacy of law. She said that Khokhar brothers by submitting surety bonds worth Rs9 million for Maryam’s release proved that they are the front man of the Sharif family. Khokhar brothers being land grabbers have no worth to point finger at PM Imran Khan, adding that Imran Khan’s soldiers are enough for them, she further said.

Dr Firdous said that Imran Khan doesn’t have any personal enmity with opposition but the PTI government is against all those who violate the law and make controversial statements against the state institutions.

The special assistant said that the people were deprived of their basic rights for decades and the Sharif and Zardari family ruled by deceiving people. She said the Prime Minister Imran Khan pledged to safeguard the rights and interests of ordinary citizens and the PTI government is taking pragmatic steps to fulfill the promises made by the PM.
Dr Firdous said that political jugglers sucked the blood of the nation like leeches and those who claimed to transform Lahore into Paris turned it into Venus. She said the Sharif family failed to materialize the dream of composite development in the province and squandered public money on Jati Umrah.

The SACM said that the royal family comes to Pakistan to rule and runs away abroad leaving their workers alone during the difficult times. She said the PM announced to take on all mafias including sugar mafia, flour mafia, land mafia and last but not the least illicit profiteering mafia but the responsibility to deal and handle bondwomen has been given to me.
The SACM said that the people of Pakistan elected Imran Khan because they were fed up from both the Sharif and the Zardari family. She said that Usman Buzdar’s spell is continued and he has made a hat-trick by taking three wickets of PML-N with three consecutive deliveries. She said that Maulana Fazlur Rehman staged a political circus with two immature politicians adding that Maulana has created problems for himself by relying on them.

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